1-pc martial flowstaff w/o lights: 4-flowlight


Already have flowlights and caps? This durable 1-piece staff with woodcore is good for bo staff and martial arts. Can hold 2 flowlights on each end. Lights and flowcaps are NOT included in this rig.

Length: Tubes are measured in flowlight lengths. 12F tube holds 12 flowlights.
'F' does not stand for 'feet!

2-week lead time: 1-pc staffs are made to order, and may have up to a 2-week lead time. Even if you order with Express shipping, your staff may not leave our workshop until 2 weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering.

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  • Description

    These staffs are optimized with woodcore. The length of the woodcore will depend on your chosen overall staff length.

    Sold individually WITHOUT caps, connectors or flowlights.

    Features: All components are custom-made to our tight tolerances and specifications, from the hand-cut woodcore to the polycarbonate tubing. Lifetime warranty.

    Lights: Optimized for use with 2 flowlights at each end. Does NOT comes with flowlights.

    Options: Choose your length from the drop-down menu.

    Shipping outside the US: Please note that most staffs cannot be shipped via "first class international", because of shipping length restrictions in many countries. If you accidentally choose first class international, and we're not able to ship via that method, we will contact you via email for the shipping difference. Thank you for understanding.