air juggling club

air juggling club

Want some super lightweight full-sized clubs? Or not ready to throw down for vision clubs, but want to take the first step? "Air" clubs are designed similarly to vision clubs, but without the electronics. 

Flowtoys vision clubs are preferred by jugglers the world over, not just for their beautiful glow, but for how they feel. The polycarbonate shaft with compression fittings and tight construction combined with a custom, lighter weight Henrys body result in the perfect balance of stiffness, flex and forgiveness.

Built in the most popular pirouette/loop/long handle shape, it is also available by request in the delphin/short handle shape, and has the same balance point as these industry-standard clubs, so all your practice transfers over perfectly.

Designed to be as light as possible to balance out the weight of the electronics in vision clubs when the light core is removed, air clubs weigh an airy 184 grams and are the lightest full size clubs available.

These lightweight clubs enable you to practice longer with less strain, and can be upgraded to vision clubs by adding the vision light core!

Sold individually.

What You'll Get

Comes with:

  • 1 air club


  • The vision core is delicate when not protected by the club, and is not intended to be inserted and removed frequently. Consider it a one-way operation.
  • The cap is removable to enable vision conversion, and can come off during kick-ups. If you wish to make it permanent, we recommend a thickened or gel super glue (cyanoacrylate adhesive).
Features & Tech Specs

Weight: 184g || 6.5oz


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