as-is capsule 1.2


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Why they're on super sale: These capsule lights come from our festival and in-house samples. They are used, may have cosmetic blemishes, demo stickers on them, but they have all been runtime and accelerometer tested. Recycling them would be a waste, so we're offering them at a sweet discount. Make more toys. Get some spares. 

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    Warranty: These capsule lights come with a warranty against defects, but there are NO returns, refunds or upgrade/trade-in credit. These lights are tested to be in good working condition, but at this price we cannot offer upgrade credit. 

    Batch disclaimer: Please note that if you buy as-is capsule lights in different orders, your LED colors or kinetic awareness may not match! We will do our best to match per order, but if you order a light this week and another next week, we cannot guarantee that they will match in LED shade or kinetic sensitivity.

    • Capsules can be used in all flowtoys rigs except crystal cases/crystal poi
    • You can connect 2 capsules using a capsule link for tubing-based props
    • Capsules fit in a podshell with a c-ring (optional)
    • Capsules fit in flowcaps without a c-ring

    Important safety precautions: Click here