as-is flow-flower kit - small


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Transform your flow by adding flowers to your staff, baton or other tubing-based prop! These flowers are tassels that slow the rotation of your prop and add weight, changing the handling dramatically. They also maintain some rotational inertia, acting like a little dragon-staff.

Why they're on super sale: These flower kits are either in-house samples or production "rejects" because of cosmetic blemishes. But they work well. Recycling them would be a waste, so we're offering them at a sweet discount. 

Warranty: As-is flower kits do not qualify for returns, refunds, warranty or upgrade credit.

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    This design is laser cut and etched with beautiful art by Prisna :) and simply wraps around your tube and fastens with a button - genius original design! 

    Kit includes a pair of silicone flowers and low-profile buttons, one for each end of your prop, or double them up for twice the flowery feel.