as-is love flowlight wand - 6-light, G1

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This LED levitation wand is very bright and striking - great for performance even on a lit stage - and it handles and feels awesome! The standard flowlight wand is made of 6 flowlights fused together - the flowlights cannot be separated as in our other props. There's a comfy finger grip with a swivel that prevents the string from twisting. Extra string is included in case anything happens or if your string becomes hopelessly tangled. Wand comes in a carrying tube that also doubles up as a baton, so you get 2 props in one!

Why it's on sale: This wand is a refurbished customer return made from 6 Generation 1 Love flowlights. The wand is in excellent condition. Some of the flowlight joints are slightly yellowed - this is not noticeable when the wand is illuminated.  Generation 1 flowlights are not compatible with lithium-ion rechargeable AAAs.

Durability alert: The flowlight wand can handle being bumped occasionally, but it is NOT designed for drops, knocks and catches, or repeated impact - even against your body. This is NOT a toy for beginners or people who are rough with their props. It is a terrific performance and dance prop for experienced or careful users.

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    Length: 6-light wand: 29.75"

    Power: Each flowlight runs on 1 AAA at full brightness throughout battery life - does not dim. Please use only rechargeable NiMHs or high quality alkalines. Cheap alkalines will cause your light to last only a few minutes and turn off on impact. We offer rechargeable NiMHs and chargers. These can be charged hundreds of times.

    Warranty: If your wand breaks or stops working properly, it comes under the same lifetime warranty and replacement policy as other flowtoys and can be replaced for half price. We also offer a $20/joint repair fee.