We started following Jessy's Instagram channel awhile back, and had the pleasure of hosting her at the flowspace a couple of years ago. Jessy's flow talent is filled with beauty, grace and unabashed joy. She is also an incredibly inspiring and lovely human being. We're so excited that she'll be coming back to visit us soon, and caught up with her for this feature. Read on to find out more and follow Jess's channels for continual doses of inspiration ...

What's your "flow origin story?" How did you get started?

In 2014, my friends and I saw some punters at a festival spinning LED poi. We were so intrigued, and weeks later we all had our own set. Towards the end of 2015, I picked up fire fans and my interest in props snowballed into obsession - I spent many hours practicing alone in my living room. I started getting into performing, as well as creating YouTube tutorials, which nurtured my interest in teaching. I post a lot of my journey on social media, which I find key to connecting me to the global flow community.


What inspires you to play & practice more?

It changes at various times, but I'm often inspired to play by music - the kind that creates movement in your body before your mind has time to process what's happening. I love when music moves me like this.

I've also been inspired by the exploration of new concepts. I get excited about creating art and playing with ideas - such as combining flow techniques with dance. This inspiration is often born from seeing other artists do their thing!

Another thing that motivates me to spin is an upcoming event or performance. I find that having this kind of goal in sight is a great way to create diligence in my practice.

How do you overcome blocks? Any tips or techniques for getting through humps?

It depends on what the block is. If I'm feeling a lack of inspiration with one prop, I'll often turn to another. Or sometimes I just practice dancing, without properly picking up props for a long time. Mixing up my practice usually helps to keep things interesting. I'll also turn to videos of artists I find inspiring - this will often help fuel the fire behind my passion. Seeing talent I admire do their thing makes me want to do mine!

What flowtoys do you spin, what new flowtoys would you like?

Podpoi! I love how durable they are! And they are light and transportable. They are one of my oldest props, and I often take them everywhere with me, especially when I travel.

I also have the LED batons. I love the slender staves - my hands are kind of small so the size makes them easier to manipulate than other staffs. I also love how light they are, and again, how durable they are. I don't have to worry about them getting damaged in different environments or terrains. I also really enjoy how the new capsules sync with one another - I am still not across all the features of the capsule 2.0 lights, there are so many!

For future flowtoys, I'd like the new glitterbomb contact poi, as well as the flowmoja LED contact poi :)

Who is Jessy? 

I have performed at events across Europe, America and South East Asia, and most recently with the modern circus troupe Psycusix based in Malaysia. In my hometown Melbourne, Australia, I perform at birthdays, festivals, weddings and corporate events. I love mesmerizing a crowd, and storytelling through my stage show :)

My company Jessy Spin Performance started off as just me, but over time has extended into collaboration with other talented performers I have connected with in the community. I also have a separate dance troupe called Flow Sisters, who I sometimes do shows with.

I teach workshops for fire dancing at international flow and circus events, as well as independently. I also teach ongoing group and private classes in Melbourne, often out of my home studio.

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