capsule handle leash


Missing a capsule handle leash? Grab a replacement here.

Capsule handle leashes come with buttery-smooth solid stainless steel swivels modified with special split rings for secure capsule light installation. A welded o-ring makes it easy to adjust the length of your leash.

Comes in 6mm smithy cord with a washer and knot melt ending for podpoi / capsule lights at one leash end. If you're attaching to another poi head, you can cut off the capsule washer and remove the o-ring.

Sold individually - not as a pair!

This listing does not include capsule handle shells or lights. Click here for capsule handle conversion kits.

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  • Description

    This listing is for an individual capsule handle leash. Click here for capsule handle conversion kits.


    • braided 6mm smithy cord leash - smooth & supple with no stretchiness
    • 100% truly solid stainless steel swivel with buttery-smooth rotation & modified split rings for capsule light installation
    • welded o-ring for easy leash length adjustment
    • one end finished with a washer & knot melt for podpoi / capsule lights
    • comes with an o-ring for secure capsule light attachment

    Truly solid stainless steel swivels are hard to find. Extensive testing has shown that most suppliers and manufacturers give mis-information and most "stainless steel" swivels are not 100%. We spent months tracking them down, and now we're making them available to you!