capsule light 1.2

capsule light 1.2

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The amazing capsule light packs so much power in 1 small unit. First introduced in podpoi, the capsule light is a modular and versatile light that fits in a wide range of flowtoys props, including contact staffs, batons, flower sticks, levitation wands, martial arts props and more!

Please note that this is the original capsule light - not capsule 2.0.

Sold individually.

What You'll Get

You'll get:

  • 1x capsule light 1.2
  • 1x USB charging cable
Features & Tech Specs


  • 4 superbright RGB leds - many adjustable modes & colors
  • kinetic awareness - accelerometer response
  • intuitive 1-button interface
  • micro-USB rechargeable - 6-70+hr runtime - battery life indicator
  • modular - versatile
  • super durable - lifetime warranty


  • Capsule lights can be used in podpoi, capsule poi and flowtoys tubing-based poi, staffs, contact staffs and batons
  • Connect 2 capsules using a capsule link for tubing-based props
  • Capsule lights cannot be used in crystal cases
  • Capsules fit in a podshell with a c-ring (optional), and fit in flowcaps without the c-ring.

Note About LED Shades

LED shades may vary from batch to batch. All capsules ordered together will match each other, but if you already have capsule lights and matching the exact color shade is important to you, please make a note in the Customer Notes section during checkout, AND email support@flowtoys.com with a photo of your current capsule(s) in "bold" mode on a white piece of paper for reference. We will do our best to match your current capsule.

Tech Specs

Weight: 32g
Length: 95mm
Diameter: 21mm


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