Poi spinners, contact staff, juggling and dragon staff manipulators, martial arts performers, lovers of LED lights and glow toys - meet the capsule 2.0, the world's first modular LED light unit to feature flowtoys wireless connect technology.

When you connect capsule 2.0s to each other, or other compatible flowtoys into a “group”, the button on any one prop will control all the others in the “group”. This means you’ll be able to:


    - use any spare capsule or other flowtoys connect prop as a remote control.
     - turn on/off all your lights/props with one button.
     - hand a light to a friend and enable them to participate in your flow by VJing your light patterns!
     - create different looks & scenes with your props
     - use your flowtoys for home/ambient/party decor lighting, and control them wirelessly.
     - temporarily connect to your friends’ group and allow each other to take over light modes, but NOT mess up your personal group settings.
     - or you could commit to your partner’s groupings to stay in sync.
     - connect with all your friends at a festival and be able to find each other in a crowd.
     - have your performances sync up live.
     - enable more awesome flow flash mobs.
     - check which flowtoys at a jam are yours!

There are probably many more possibilities for connections and interactions that we haven’t imagined. 

We can’t wait to see how YOU use them!

Key new features included in capsule 2.0:

30 adjustable modes, 60 programmable modes

    - full color spectrum with over 60 billion colors

    - hella bright, custom high-temp LEDs

    - global brightness control

    - global white balance adjust

    - accelerometer response mode

    - wireless control, syncing & connectivity

    - USB firmware update-able

    - user-replaceable battery

    - and of course the super durability & lifetime warranty you've enjoyed from capsule 1.2. 

And YES, capsule 2.0 is fully compatible with all your flowtoys capsule-based props like podpoi, flowmoja, all flowtoys staffs and more. 

One light :: Many props

Capsule 2.0 is engineered to fit in a range of flowtoys prop housings, including pod shells to create podpoi v2, umoja spheres to create flowmoja contact poi, flowtoys polycarbonate tubing to create a wide variety of glow props, including contact staffs, dragon staffs, twirling batons, flower sticks, contact levi-wands, nunchucks and more.

Start with 2 capsules to save money. Get rigs without lights and swap your capsules around to explore more options to find your flow. Get more capsules later.

Modular & interchangeable LED light unit

The capsule light is highly modular, interchangeable and versatile. You can easily take them out of your contact staff or iso-batons, and put them into flowchucks or capsule poi duo. You can also get just 2 or 4 capsule lights, and get rigs without lights to save you money. 

When a light goes out, you can easily replace it, rather than having to replace a whole prop. Plus you can use a capsule 2.0 as a remote that also serves as a spare light. Hand it to a friend at a party or performance, and enable them to VJ your light show, while you're spinning. 

Optimize your capsule 2.0s

We've created a knowledge base dedicated to helping you optimize your capsule 2.0s.

Learn how to:

     - navigate Pages

     - adjust your modes and settings

     - save to Favorites & program shows

     - group your capsules

     - adjust global brightness

     - update your firmware and more

> click to access the capsule 2.0 knowledge base

Upgrade your capsules

You can now also upgrade your original capsule lights, and receive credit towards the capsule 2.0 - an amazing feature of the Forever Flow lifetime warranty that comes with flowtoys. 

We're working on making planned obsolescence obsolete. Even as technology evolves, and we make advancements to our products, the flowtoys you got last year are an investment, and will always have lasting value. Click here for how to upgrade your capsules.