Clubs mega kaizen - beta

Clubs mega kaizen - beta

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So beautiful and practical! The club mega kaizen kit is the starter kit with ALL the add-ons included. Holds up to 17 clubs, and comes with the power and parts bins to organize all your charging accessories, and enables you to neatly store and display your clubs while charging. The deep forks and extra 5-forks that attach to the power bin can also hold many staffs and poi with knob handles. Plus you save when you get a mega kit compared to ordering the add-ons separately.

Sold as a kit, assembly required. Clubs not included ;)

1-week Lead time: All kaizen kits have a 1-week lead time. Even if you order Express shipping, your order might not leave our workshop until a week after you place your order. We will do our best to ship out sooner, but as the system is in beta, we're still dialing in our production. Thanks for your support!

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What You'll Get

What you get:

  • 1x hexagon base w/ wall anchors, screw spacers and sandpaper
  • 1x 5-club mount rack
  • 1x power bin
  • 1x parts bin
  • 2x deep-forks
  • 2x 5-fork
  • 4x hooks
  • epic way to organize and display your clubs, poi or sticks

What's beta about it?

  • We’ll request your input: Many of us have a lot of different props and different abilities to mount this system. We be asking for your feedback about what other types of mounts would be useful and what other scenarios to account for.
  • Parts: We’ve already gone through many revisions over the past couple of years. There may be some minor adjustments to the mounts, the bases will not change, though we plan to add more bases. We also intend to add more mount and kit options, as our and your needs arise.
  • Kit names: We’re still figuring out the extent of the system. The names of the kits might change over time, but we have SKUs laser etched onto the part, so we’ll be able to identify which part you’re talking about down the road.
  • Warranty: Not sure what’s going to come up here yet.
  • Pricing: We’re not certain of all the costs yet, but we’re starting low to get them in your hands. Prices might increase during and after beta.
  • Documentation: The system is pretty self-explanatory and we have some basic instructions to start with below. We’ll come up with more video or print instructions as needed during the beta process.
Features & Tech Specs


  • modular, versatile and expandable prop rack system
  • laser-cut cherrywood
  • power bin to organize your charging accessories and cables
  • parts bin to hold caps and other small parts
  • deep forks can hold clubs, poi and sticks
  • extra hooks you can attach to various places to hang other props, remotes, keys and other personal items

Tech Specs


  • Hexagon: 348mm wide x 303mm tall

Bins & Mounts

  • Power bin: internal dimensions: 144mm tall x 100mm deep x 256mm wide
  • Parts bin: internal dimensions: 50mm tall x 61mm deep x 216mm wide
  • 5-fork: each round is 75mm diameter. each fork is 23mm wide x 20mm deep. 88mm spacing (center to center)
  • deep-fork: 23mm wide x 240mm deep
  • Hooks: 70mm depth to base. hole in object to be hung must be minimum 20mm

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