Clubs starter kaizen

Clubs starter kaizen

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Just started getting into club juggling or manipulation? Or maybe you have a set of clubs that you love and want to display on your wall. This club starter rack holds up to 5 clubs, and can be expanded to hold many more. Also holds poi and sticks :)

If you have vision clubs, add a power bin to organize your charger and cables. You can charge your clubs while they hang neatly on your kaizen rack. The parts bin nests within the power bin and conveniently holds your vision club caps while charging. Add extra mounts to a power bin to hold more props. 

Sold as a kit, assembly required. Clubs not included ;)

1-week Lead time: All kaizen kits have a 1-week lead time. Even if you order Express shipping, your order might not leave our workshop until a week after you place your order.

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What You'll Get

What you get:

  • 1x hexagon base w/ wall anchors, screw spacers and sandpaper
  • 1x 5-club mount
  • a way to display your clubs neatly and beautifully that can grow with your passion for clubs
Features & Tech Specs


  • modular, versatile and expandable prop rack system
  • laser-cut cherrywood

Tech Specs


  • Hexagon: 348mm wide x 303mm tall

Bins & Mounts (see "options" tab for descriptions of what they hold)

  • Power bin: internal dimensions: 144mm tall x 100mm deep x 256mm wide
  • Parts bin: internal dimensions: 50mm tall x 61mm deep x 216mm wide
  • 5-fork: each round is 75mm diameter. each fork is 23mm wide x 20mm deep. 88mm spacing (center to center)
  • 1 deep fork: 23mm wide x 240mm deep
  • Hooks: 70mm depth to base. hole in object to be hung must be minimum 20mm

Optional add-ons

We’ve designed add-ons and mounts to hold a wide variety of props and other objects, check out the detailed images and descriptions below to get a sense of what is possible:

  • Power bin: Ideal for holding chargers, power cords, and small props. Also a powerful extension to your base, enabling many more props to be mounted. 3 holes in the bottom fit most common plugs. 1 centered and 1 in each back corner.
  • Parts bin: Ideal for caps, spare parts, lights and batteries. Hooks on the side of or sits on top of a power bin to hold small parts and cover up the cables. NOTE: Requires power bin. Does not directly fit on bases.
  • 5-fork: Ideal for 5 clubs, or 3-7 poi. Each round holds 1 club, ball or poi head. Each fork holds 1 stick, club or poi knob. Can also be used like a hook for poi loops, nunchaku and whatever fits.
  • 1-fork deep: Ideal for mounting sticks, poi and/or clubs on the sides of your power bin. Holds 3-5 sticks, 3+ poi, 3 clubs, or whatever fits. NOTE: Requires power bin. Does not directly fit on bases.
  • Hooks: Ideal for hooking things ;) dart, chucks, astrojax, poi loops, headphones, a remote etc. 2 of these next to each other also nicely hold a single staff or a few wands horizontally. 

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