collapsible flowstaff: flowlight-FS

collapsible flowstaff: flowlight-FS
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A beautiful LED staff that breaks down into shorter pieces for convenient travel, and can be converted into different length staffs.

This rig comes with flowlight-FS, and new rigid & durable 3D-printed "tube connectors" with carbon fiber core.

Collapsible system is modular, versatile, portable and ships anywhere in the world!

Sold individually.

1-2 week lead time: Your staff is made to order. Even if you choose Express shipping, your staff may not leave our factory until 1-2 weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll do our best to make magic happen.

Non-US Shipping options: We cannot ship collapsible staffs >24" using "First Class International" due to shipping restrictions. If you are outside the US, please do NOT select this option during checkout. We will have to email you to upgrade your shipping.

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What You'll Get

This collapsible flowstaff includes:

  • 2x 3.5F polycarbonate tubes
  • 1x handle tube (choose length)
  • 2x silicone flowcaps w/ 3D-printed flowlight adaptors
  • 2x tube connectors
  • flowlight-FS lights (choose quantity 2, 4 or 6)
  • rechargeable NiMH AAA for each light
  • AA/AAA charger 
  • so many good times
Features & Tech Specs


  • extremely durable flowstaff designed for portability & modularity, featuring the revolutionary flowlight-FS
  • 3D-printed bushings on a carbon fiber shaft enable a rigid connection that feels solid, and is quick & easy to remove - just twist and pull
  • tubing made of polycarbonate - the same material used in bulletproof glasses - custom extruded to meet our specs within 5/1000ths of an inch
  • modular parts fit together for a solid, durable staff with the bonus of interchangeable & upgradeable parts
  • all components custom-made to our tight tolerances and specifications

Flowlight-FS Features

  • 30 stunning light modes - infinitely adjustable
  • autoplay function - adjust timing interval
  • kinetic awareness - accelerometer response
  • low battery and battery charge level indicators
  • adjust global brightness - save your favorite patterns
  • super bright - unique design - modular & versatile
  • runs on 1 rechargeable AAA - lifetime warranty


Each flowlight runs on 1 AAA battery (included) at full brightness throughout battery life - does not dim. Please use only rechargeable NiMHs or high quality alkalines. Cheap alkalines will cause your light to last only a few minutes and turn off on impact.

Tube Connectors

Tube connectors rigidly join any two flowtoys tubes, allowing you quick & tool-free breakdown for travel or changing your staff length. You can also combine 2 short staves in to a single long one.

These new rigid & durable tube connectors are the evolution of the previous plastic "staff connector". The new tube connectors fit 7/8” ID tubes, are 15.5cm long and weigh 34g (1.2oz).

Tube Handles & Staff Ends

Made of polycarbonate, the strongest clear plastic available, the tubes are custom extruded to very tight tolerances so that flowlights and all caps and connectors fit into them. All flowtoys tubes are 1" outer diameter and 7/8" inner diameter.

We finished all edges and punch holes at both ends enabling all flowtoys caps and connectors to click securely into the tubes.

Modular System Features

Flowlights, tubes and flowcaps are highly modular and interchangeable. Twist off your flowcaps and add them to poi, martial flow and other staff rigs. Save money and get to play with many different props.

Flowlight-FS Tech Specs

  • Weight: 37g w/battery
  • Length: 130mm
  • Diameter: 21mm
  • Battery: AAA (included)

Handle Length

Choose different staff handles for different staff lengths.

Check the specs table in detailed images, or the table below to see what overall staff length you get with different handles.

Handle length Staff length w/ flowcaps
no handle tube  92cm / 36" (3')
3F tube 132cm / 52" (4' 4")
3.5F tube  138cm / 55" (4' 7")
4F tube 145cm / 57" (4' 9")
4.5F tube 150 cm / 59" (4' 11")

Flow-Flower Kits

You have the option of adding a discounted flow-flower kit to your collapsible staff. Flow-flower kits include a pair of laser-cut silicone tasseled flowers that add a slight weight at the ends for slow rolls while also providing beautiful light diffusion, plus they make excellent catch-points/“bells". Flowers are adjustable and removable. You can always customize the tassels later, by removing some or all, changing their location on the clear tube, or adding more flow-flowers.

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  • 1/27/2023

    Requires finesse to setup but awesome product!

    This is an fantastic product! The lights are pretty, construction is solid, fits easily into a bag when collapsed. Make sure to use the gripper stuff or a pair of very grippy gloves when you're trying to collapse it and make sure if you live in a cold area to let the tubes warm up a bit first!

  • 2/8/2021


    I am very amazed by this company. I emailed them several times and they always responded fast and answered all of my questions and in detail.

    I let them know I needed this to arrive by Feb. 5 since I have a festival on Feb. 6.

    I ordered on Feb. 1 and paid Priority Shipping. I received it on Feb. 3. Wow, Flowtoys really worked on preparing my staff fast and out the door.

    I took this baby for a spin at the festival and it was a HIT! It attracted so much attention. I had people approaching me and asked where I bought it from. My friends had so much using this staff that now they want to buy some.

    The product is very well made. We dropped it so many times and it survived. I even threw it like a javelin several times and nothing broke. I love the fact that it was easily detachable on the fly. The flowlights are bright and come with various colors setting.

  • 12/19/2019

    Thanks guys

    Best customer service and best staff ever! I love it!!!