Wholesale • Compliance


We will perform periodic reviews and if a wholesaler is found to be in violation of the policies, we will send an email notice and date by which the issue must be resolved. If you are unable to comply by that time, we will end the wholesale relationship.

To be fair to all, by agreeing to these policies you agree that: If you change your mind, or become unable to comply with these policies at any time, you will remove flowtoys from your offering immediately and return all unsold product in reasonable condition for refund in accordance to our returns policy. It is disrespectful to other shops to continue selling flowtoys in violation of our policies, while others continue to honor them.

We understand that business decisions can be difficult and complicated. If you decide you are unable to comply with our policies at a particular time, we understand. If you are ready to adhere to our policies at a later date, you are welcome to contact us about starting a new relationship.