composite CONTACT flowstaff: 4x flowlight FS

composite CONTACT flowstaff: 4x flowlight FS
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Presenting the amazing flowtoys composite contact staff ::
the first to introduce space age carbon fiber staffs to the world, bringing you a high-performance staff like no other.

Spin all night with the revolutionary flowlight-FS, designed to run for hours on a single AAA battery and featuring many infinitely adjustable, beautiful modes.

Sold individually.

1-2 week lead time: Your staff is made to order. Even if you choose Express shipping, your staff may not leave our factory until 1-2 weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll do our best to make magic happen.

Non-US shipping options: We cannot ship staffs (>24") with "First Class International" due to length restrictions. Different countries also have different length restrictions on Priority or Express shipping. If your staff exceeds the maximum length allowed for your country, we will email you with options to upgrade your shipping. Feel free to email us at [email protected] to find out what shipping option is available for your staff/country.


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What You'll Get

This composite contact flowstaff includes:

  • 1x carbon fiber shaft with holographic deco tape and custom elastomer grip
  • 4x flowlight-FS
  • 2x 2FX polycarbonate tubes
  • 2x screw-in 3D-printed compression connectors
  • 4x flowmass
  • 2x silicone flowcaps with flowlight adaptors
  • 4x rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries
  • 1x 4-bay AA/AAA battery charger w/ USB charging cable
  • so many moments of learning & effortless flow
Features & Tech Specs


  • space-age carbon fiber shafts - effortless flow
  • ultra-strong yet lightweight - thin yet rigid
  • custom elastomer super grip
  • 3d-printed screw-in compression connectors
  • capsule 2.0 - amazing LED light w/ wireless control
  • modular parts fit together for a solid, durable contact staff with the bonus of interchangeable & upgradeable parts
  • all components custom-made to our tight tolerances and specifications

Flowlight-FS Features

  • 30 stunning light modes - infinitely adjustable
  • autoplay function - adjust timing interval
  • kinetic awareness - accelerometer response
  • low battery and battery charge level indicators
  • adjust global brightness - save your favorite patterns
  • super bright - unique design - modular & versatile
  • runs on 1 rechargeable AAA - lifetime warranty


Each flowlight runs on 1 AAA battery (included) at full brightness throughout battery life - does not dim. Please use only rechargeable NiMHs or high quality alkalines. Cheap alkalines will cause your light to last only a few minutes and turn off on impact.

Tech Specs


  • Diameter: 15mm OD/11mm ID carbon fiber | 2mm inner wall thickness | 17mm OD total with elastomer grip
  • Length: Available in several standard length options.
    Custom lengths available for $20.
  • Center-point mark: 1" wide black deco tape
  • Grip: custom super-grip elastomer | 1mm thickness

Staff Ends

  • Tubes: 2FX (29.8cm / 11.6") | accommodates up to 2 flowlights | 1"OD and 7/8"ID | polycarbonate
    You can also fit single or double capsule lights in these tubes - there will be a gap between the light and the shaft.
  • Lights: flowlight-FS
  • Caps: silicone flowcap with inner polycarbonate snapcap & flowlight adaptor | clicks into tube ends for a secure fit
  • Flowmass: 2x flowmass per end | 30g/ea


  • Weight: 37g w/battery
  • Length: 130mm
  • Diameter: 21mm
  • Battery: AAA (included)

Shaft Length

We offer a wide range of standard shaft lengths.

Custom lengths available - please select the custom length option from the staff length dropdown and be sure to specify your desired overall staff length in the text field below.

  • Please be aware that staffs with longer shaft lengths (130cm and up) are more flexible.
  • Please note that custom lengths may have 2-week lead time to build.
  • There are NO refunds on custom lengths.

Shaft Tape Colors

Composite staffs' carbon fiber shafts come wrapped in high-quality holographic deco tape. Choose from 4 available tape options each featuring its own unique color & optical effects:
  • classic: a classy silver prismatic tape
  • firefly: a shimmering green & gold holographic tape
  • spirit: a lustrous, iridescent soft purple & cyan tape
  • white tiger: pearlescent base overlaid with a silvery cat eye pattern that is ultra reflective

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  • 3/21/2020

    Love at first spin

    Wow, this staff is incredible. I'm relatively new to spinning and didn't want to go all in on anything fire based so I decided to go with this staff. It's thinner than most I've played with before, but the more I dance with it the more I realize that this size was always meant for me. The LED's are stunning and have so many options. This thing is also a BEAST I've dropped it many times, very hard, and it bounces right back with hardly a scratch. Love that it's guaranteed for life. My one gripe is that replacing the batteries can be a process because the doors can get a little stuck. Other than that it's a magical staff that has been worth every penny!

  • 4/25/2018

    Buy it for the love of God

    The composite contact staff is incredibly durable. In it's base form, the staff is sturdy and lightweight. Additions can be made to give it a seemingly unlimited range of possibilities. Out of the box, I found the staff to be far too lightweight for me, being that I was used to spinning a shorter 1KG Gora contact fire staff. I purchased extra flowmass and the large flow-flower kit. After applying all of these add-on, I had an incredible staff that secured a place in my heart for Flowtoys.
    Now spinning lighter and longer staffs feels more natural than spinning shorter, heavier ones. I also spun without the flow-flower kit and loved the staff just as much. I recently took advantage of the amazing lifetime warranty offered by Flowtoys. After a couple high-impact falls and an aciidental drop in a pool, the silicone grip got a small tear in it and air pockets started to form underneath it. The flowlights stopped working for a while, but after opening them and letting them dry, they started working again for a good few months before I felt the need to replace them.
    I handled the staff regularly, sometime spinning hard and fast, and sometimes passing it to newcomers who would end up dropping it often. I never worried about the falls heavily effecting the overall quality of the staff: I cannot emphasize enough how tough these staves are.
    I needed my staff for Backwoods 2016 and I placed my order late. I wrote in and asked if there was any way the assembly of my staff could be expedited and promised to pay a week later after my next payday. Sure enough, the elves began assembly of the staff I had ordered and took my word that I would pay for it and not cancel. A week later, I sent my payment anf they sent the staff. A few days after that, I received my staff and was totally blown away by the product and the service. These guys don't just care about selling a quality product - they care about YOU. You will not be disappointed. <3