composite flowstaff: 4-capsule w/o lights


Already have capsule lights and caps? Add them to this rig for a durable staff that is thin yet rigid. Ideal for staff spinners and martial artists, who prefer a rigid lightweight staff. 

This staff comes with 2CX tubes on each end with room for 2 capsules. This rig does not come with flowcaps or capsule lights. Click related products below to add these parts.

Sold individually without lights or caps.

2-week lead time: Staffs are made to order. Even if you choose Express shipping, your staff may not leave our workshop until 2 weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering.

Non-US shipping options: We can no longer ship staffs using "First Class International" due to shipping restrictions. If you are outside the United States, please do NOT select this option during checkout. We will have to email you to upgrade your shipping. 


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    Features: All components are custom-made to our tight tolerances and specifications, from the carbon fiber shaft to 3d-printed screw connectors, elastomer grip and polycarbonate tubing. The compression connectors create a firm connection between the tubes and the shaft. The soft, versatile and beautiful flowcap secures your lights with a snap. Modular parts fit together for a strong and rigid, yet lightweight staff that breaks down for travel (you can unscrew the connectors to get a minimum length of the shaft length), and are compatible with Flowtoys Modular System parts. Lifetime warranty.

    Lights and caps: Room for 2 capsule lights in each 2CX tube on each end, 4 lights total. Capsule lights and flowcaps not included in this rig.

    Options: Comes in a range of standard lengths. Custom lengths available - please select the custom length option from the staff length dropdown and be sure to specify your desired overall staff length in the text field below (NO refunds on custom lengths).

    Shaft color style: "Classic" is a classy silver holographic tape with slate grey connectors. 
    "Firefly" is a shimmering green & gold holographic tape with black connectors. It's also UV reactive! 
    "Purple peacock" exhibits amethyst mermaid scales and royal purple peacock feathers with purple connectors.