custom collapsible flowstaff


Build the perfect portable staff to light up your world wherever your travels take you! This beautiful modular LED staff breaks down into shorter pieces for convenient travel, and can be converted into different length staffs and more. Now with new rigid & durable 3D-printed "tube connectors" with carbon fiber core.


  • highly portable - modular - versatile
  • super durable & lightweight polycarbonate shaft
  • choose from 2 types of light units - capsule lights OR flowlight-FS (see below for specs)
  • add weight, rigidity and inertia to suit your style with optional flowmass, woodcore, elastomer grip & flowers

Light engines & modularity: Capsule lights & flowlights are both modular and interchangeable. You can quickly twist off the lights and caps, and add them to a range of poi, staffs and martial flow props enabling you to save money, while having different props to play with.

Choosing your staff length: Choose different staff handles for different staff lengths. Check the specs table in detailed images, or the tech specs section below to see what overall staff length you get with different handles. 

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  • Description

    Comes with:

    • 2x 3.5F polycarbonate tubes
    • 1x handle tube (choose length)
    • 2x silicone flowcaps (+ flowlight adaptors for flowlight-FS flowstaffs)
    • 2x tube connectors
    • capsule 2.0 or flowlight-FS lights (choose quantity)
    • USB charging cables for capsule 2.0s OR rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries & charger for flowlight-FS
    • optional woodcore, elastomer grip, flowmass and/or flowers to suit your style
    • so many good times

    Modular system possibilities: With different handle tube lengths, you can create different length staffs. You can also quickly remove the caps and lights, and use them in a wide range of rigs without lights to create poi, staffs, martial arts props and more.  

    Light systems - capsule 2.0 and flowlight-fs: Choose between capsule 2.0 lights or flowlight-FS. Both light systems feature a full RGB color spectrum, custom high-temp LEDs, infinitely adjustable modes, and are backed by flowtoys' industry-leading lifetime warranty. Check out the handy chart below to figure out which light system is best for you!

    capsule light 2.0 flowlight-FS
    charging method USB cable
    AAA battery
    wireless control & sync yes no
    max. # of linkable lights 2 infinite
    # of modes 64 customizable 30 adjustable
    compatible endcap(s) flowcap & podshell flowcap
    length of light unit 95mm (3.75") 130mm (5.12")
    weight per light unit 32g (1.1oz) 37g (1.3oz)
    with battery
    downloadable firmware updates yes no
    kinetic awareness via accelerometer response yes yes
    global brightness adjust yes yes
    full color RGB spectrum yes yes
    lifetime warranty yes yes
    $USD price per light $48 $24.95

    Batteries: Flowlights are interchangeable and each light runs on 1 AAA (charger and batteries included). Please use only rechargeable NiMHs or high quality alkalines. Cheap alkalines will cause your light to last only a few minutes and turn off on impact.

    Collapsible staff lengths with 3.5F staff ends

    Handle length Staff length w/ flowcaps
    no handle tube  92cm / 36" (3')
    shorty tube  109cm / 43" (3' 7")
    2Ftube 119cm / 47" (3' 11")
    3F tube 132cm / 52" (4' 4")
    3.5F tube  138cm / 55" (4' 7")
    4F tube 145cm / 57" (4' 9")
    4.5F tube 150 cm / 59" (4' 11")
    5F tube 157 cm / 62" (5' 2")