custom glitterbomb contact poi - single

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Customize your day poi from head to handle! Choose from 5 elemental styles of unique 3D-printed knob handles + 2 types of leash cord + 3 elemental-themed custom-blended glitterbomb heads in 2 sizes. 

How it works:

  • Design your poi: choose your knob color + leash type + poi head color & size from the drop-down menus below.
  • For a matching pair or more: increase the qty in your cart after "adding to cart", or enter the appropriate number in the quantity field before "adding to cart".
  • If you'd like a unique look for each poi head: design & add-to-cart each custom poi design :)

2 week lead time: Custom poi are made-to-order, and rainbow knobs are 3D-printed to order. Even if you order with Express shipping, your poi may not leave our factory until 2 weeks after you order it. If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll respond quickly.

Sold as individual poi head+leash+knob - NOT pairs.

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  • Description

    Leash length & knob washers:
    Each poi will come with extra leash and washers in the knob, so you can adjust the leash to your preferred length & adjust the number of washers to optimize your preferred knob weight. Please see Tech Specs for weight range of washers.

    Custom-blended glitterbomb poi heads:
    A flowtoys-exclusive made by PlayJuggling, these 90mm & 100mm spheres have custom-blended glitter, giving you a mondo glitter crackle that sparkles amazingly, especially in sunlight. Glitterbomb spheres are made with pthalate-free pvc, are available in 2 sizes - 90mm (150g) and 100mm (200g) - and come in 5 elemental theme colors:

    • Earth: green, bronze, gold
    • Fire: red, orange, gold
    • Love: rose, fuchsia, silver
    • Water: azure, electric cyan, silver
    • Air: holographic silver

    Elements poi knob handles:
    3D-printed by PropBoxApproved exclusively for flowtoys, these 10g custom poi knobs have a great feel, and can hold over 10 washers for additional weight if desired. Come in 6 elemental theme colors designed to match your glitterbomb poi heads:

    • Air: Silvery translucent
    • Earth: Lime green body & orange top
    • Fire: Bold red body & orange top
    • Love: Punch pink body & pure white top
    • Water: Aqua blue body & silvery translucent white top
    • Rainbow: red + orange + yellow + green + blue (printed to order)

    Leash cord options:

    • 6mm rope: 0.25" (6.5mm) 12-strand braided polyester rope, specifically designed for poi, darts, puppyhammers and other tethered props. It's supple and has better abrasion and sunlight resistance than nylon and MFP ropes used in many other props. It won't shrink, has lower stretch, and higher breaking strength. It can be cut with scissors, and you can melt the ends to prevent fray.
    • 11mm rope: High quality 11mm diameter static rope from Tendon. Static rope is rope that is designed not to stretch when under load.