dart cord kit

dart cord kit

Wish to convert your old flowdart to the new martial flowdart? Get this kit, which includes a dart flag, and your choice of rope leash with a swivel at the attachment point.

Sold as a kit, dart rig and lights not included.

What You'll Get

This dart cord kit includes:

  • 1x dart leash (at least 11.5') with swivel - choose from 4 leash types. Dragon X and RDA leashes are premium and cost an extra $40.
  • 1x ripstop laser-cut nylon dart flag
  • 1x dart loop

Please note that this kit does NOT include a dart rig or lights. You'll need the 1FX tube, cord connector, 2x flowmass, flowcap and flowlight or capsule light to make a full rig.

Features & Tech Specs

Tech Specs


  • 6mm smithy cord: at least 3.5m/11.5' length with loop
  • braided cotton cord: at least 3.5m/11.5' length with loop
  • Dragon rope X: at least 3.5m/11.5' length with loop (+$40)
  • RDA flow: 11' long with stainless steel swivel (+$40)

Dart loop: 

loop of braided paracord, 1g; no o-ring needed, rope knot slips into loop

Dart flag:

1g | 32.5cm x 28cm


Leash Cord

We offer 3 different types of dart cord. Each are excellent for rope dart flow; see the differences below to determine the best rope for your style! All leashes are pre-finished with a ball bearing swivel for easy installation to a loop on the dart head.

6mm smithy rope:

0.25" (6.5mm) 12-strand braided polyester rope, specifically designed for poi, darts, puppyhammers and other tethered props. It's supple and has better abrasion and sunlight resistance than nylon and MFP ropes used in many other props. It won't shrink, has lower stretch, and higher breaking strength. It can be cut with scissors, and you can melt the ends to prevent fray.

Braided cotton rope:

A light-weight, no-stretch 100% cotton braided cord recommended by the Rope Dart Academy for optimal dart use. This #6 cotton cord maintains consistent grip even with sweat, and after a brief initial break-in period, offers the ideal amount of friction for dart use for a long time compared to alternatives. Features a 3/16" diameter. Each foot weighs ~2g.

Dragon rope X (+$40):

This 14mm wide premium flat rope, made by our friends at Dark Monk, is made from a slick & durable synthetic fiber used extensively by NASA. Super smooth and abrasion-resistant, it is also extremely durable, able to withstand temperatures up to 300°F!

Excess cord is intended to be wrapped around your anchor wrist, but if you wish to change the length, we recommend a splicing technique with fid rather than knots.

RDA flow (+$40):

Designed and made by the Rope Dart Academy specifically for flowtoys LED darts, this 3/8" premium ripstop nylon leash is lightweight, super durable and hella smooth. Comes with a stainless steel swivel.

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