day triads

day triads

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Day time triads for the win! With the custom "gem pop" caps and shiny shafts, these look and feel so good - perfect for daytime play, practice and performance. 

Add flair to your flow, explore shapes and get lost in the infinite tessellated triangle-diamond-hexa-grid that is triads! They're kinda like fans, or geometric buugeng. You can swing them and you can certainly try juggling them :)

Developed with continual feedback from our in-house triad fanatics and the community-at-large, we created a unique shape to enable interlocking ends, and pushed the limits of our 3D-printing and production techniques for the best balance of handling, weight, stiffness, aesthetics and of course: durability!

Travel friendly & modular: The spokes can be removed from the hubs for travel, color swap, future upgrades and other shenanigans.

Sold as a set of 2. Comes in two sizes and several color options.

1-3 week lead time: Triads are made in small batches. We have a couple of each color ready-to-go, but once those sell, it might take 1-3 weeks to make more. Even if you choose Express shipping, your triads may not leave our factory until 1-3 weeks after you place your order. If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll do our best to make magic happen.

What You'll Get

Comes with:

  • 1 pair of daytime triads
  • 1x flowtoys drawstring bag
  • endless opportunities to explore shapes and our physical universe

Modularity & fit: The spokes and hubs are modular, enabling you to break them down for travel, and swap hubs for different color combinations.

The gem pop caps and shaft are securely attached to each other and should not be separated - it is very difficult to separate without destroying the shaft, and damage from attempts will not be fully covered under warranty.

While this reduces color options, it ensures a solid feel, and a reliable grip for removing them from the hub. The fit of the spokes in the hub is intentionally tight and may require a bit of work to insert when fresh - this is to ensure they remain secure as they loosen up over time. Do NOT lubricate them!

Day vs. LED options: The day triads are lightweight and responsive for endless play and fast direction changes. The illuminated options have heavier ends due to the lights, which slow things down a bit, and stabilizes their movements. Surprisingly they both free-spin on a finger for the same length of time (heavier = more momentum, but also more friction).

Features & Tech Specs
size weight spoke length from ring playable shaft
12" ~200g 11.75"/ 295mm 7.7"/ 195mm
14" ~220g 14"/ 360mm 10"/ 255mm

Gem-pop caps & hubs: 3D printed TPU
Shaft: fiberglass rods, deco tape, heat shrink


Size options: There are 2 standard lengths: 12” and 14”. See detailed images for reference.

The 12” size enables more geometric movements within your arms reach and is very popular. 

The 14” feels much larger (it makes a bigger difference than you might expect) and is great for people with long arms or looking for a more expansive style. 

Custom lengths available by request.

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