discount flow-wand®: candy crush


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Pure eye-candy! Encrusted in a rainbow of tiny rhinestones and underlaid with iridescent UV-reactivity, the "candy crush" wand will give you a sugar rush. Get one before they run out :: euphoria and happiness await.


  • special limited edition
  • encrusted with multicolor rhinestones
  • handmade with an under-layer of UV-reactive green-gold "firefly" tape
  • heavier than regular flow-wands

Why they're on sale: These wands are factory seconds. They have very minor cosmetic blemishes (often not noticeable, but our wandmaker has a keen eye for such things). They are tested for balance and function perfectly, and are covered under our warranty.

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  • Description

    All flowtoys short string wands come with swivelled finger holds, so you never have to worry about your string twisting up - necessary for double wand manipulation. Long string wands do not include a finger loop, as it's not necessary.

    Finish: All flowtoys wands are handmade by us, using high quality materials and tapes with beautiful light effects. Our wands are hand-finished with end caps and heatshrink to give them a polished professional look, where your tape edges will never peel up. 

    Note: The black string is chosen for its strength and durability - invisible magician's thread is too weak and will break with active use. We tried using white, silver, and grey string and fishing line, and surprisingly they are more visible than black as they catch and reflect light. The wand is not designed specifically for magic, but rather for movement. The magic is in your movement.