double capsule 2.0


Presenting capsule 2.0 - linked for double the greatness in your contact staffs, flowchucks, capsule poi duo and more.

All new capsule 2.0 light features:

  • 64 customizable modes per capsule
  • full color spectrum with over 60 billion colors
  • hella bright, custom high-temp LEDs, and global brightness control
  • accelerometer response
  • wireless control, syncing and connectivity
  • USB rechargeable and update-able
  • super durable & lifetime warranty

"Double capsules" are 2x capsule 2.0 lights connected with a capsule link with buttons facing out, ready for use in flowtoys tubing with a flowcap. Comes w/ o-rings and no C-ring.

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  • Description

    Compatibility: Capsule lights can be used in podpoi, flowmoja poi and all flowtoys tubing-based poi, staffs, contact staffs, batons, wands and martial arts props. You can connect 2 capsules using a capsule link for tubing-based props.

    Capsule lights cannot be used in crystal cases.
    Capsules fit in a podshell with a c-ring (optional), and fit in flowcaps without the c-ring.

    Options: Upgrading a prop from single to double capsules? Add an additional capsule link to connect your existing capsules. Using in pod shell? Select a c-ring if you do not already have one.

    Important safety precautions: Click here