down low w/ stick steps + power bin

down low w/ stick steps + power bin

Down lows expand your prop carrying capacity by enabling you to add a hexagon base below another hexagon base.

This extension kit is ideal if you have sticks laid out horizontally on your main hexagon. If you have poi or sticks hanging downwards from your main hexagon base, you might need an additional hexagon to get low enough, so as not to interfere with your hanging poi/sticks.

What You'll Get

Comes with: 

  • 1 set of DL connectors with hexagon
  • 1x power bin
  • 1x stick steps to attach to the power bin

Features & Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Down low connectors: 347mm long, creates 37mm gap between 2 hex bases

Power bin: Internal dimensions: 144mm tall x 100mm deep x 256mm wide

Stick steps: 227mm depth to base. 144mm heigh.175mm width. 32mm max shaft diameter.


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