festival basecamp kit

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Save $45 on this rad bundle, and make your campsite a magical homebase. Beautiful remote-controlled camp lighting, useful fix-it tools, ways to keep clean and fresh, and usb power for your lights and devices.  

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    Comes with:

    • 2x podlight® v2
    • 1x capsule 2.0 remote - add an activated retractable lanyard for $4
    • 1x hipsack - add an extension for $5 (optional)
    • 1x toroflux
    • 1x utilikey
    • 1x USB power pack
    • 1x 6-bay USB charger
    • 1x 2-bay USB car adaptor
    • 2x tubes of essential wipes
    • 1x mini-biner, stickers and some sweet swag
    • comin' home to the hottest digs around!

    Illuminate: Podlights make great camp lights and come with a handy carabiner. Hang it anywhere, hang a bunch of them to create a magical zone for you & your flowmies. Many modes last all night and beyond. "Lantern" in dim lasts over 200 hours on one charge! Best kept secret for camping lights ever. 

    Customize: Wirelessly control your podlights from afar with a capsule 2.0 remote! Clip to your belt loop and automagically  turn your camp lights on and off, change modes, adjust brightness and more. Leaving camp for an impromptu adventure? Dim the lights and be on your way!

    Share joy: Share the wonders of the toroflux, and hand it to that hottie on the dancefloor. This magical 4th dimensional slinky will delight and mesmerize you and your friends for hours. Stick it in a cooler on a hot day, and roll it along your arms to cool yourself (and that hottie) off.

    Power on-the-go: The USB power pack, 6-bay USB charger and car charger adaptor will ensure your phone, lights, and other usb accessories are never without power.

    Fix-it: The utilikey does it all - straight and serrated blades, a tiny screwdriver (great for glasses), small phillips head, tiny and medium flat head and a bottle opener. Best of all you always have it on you, as it fits on your keychain, which fits on your hipsack :)

    Stay fresh and clean: Essential wipes are a revolutionary way to stay fresh. Made of biodegradable bamboo and essential oils, these wipes are pressed into a dry disc about the size of a nickel. Just add water and voila! It magically grows into an amazing personal wipe that cleans and refreshes you, plus it smells great and is compostable.

    Free your hands: And the rest will follow. Carry your whole festy flowkit and more in your handy hipsack.