First Contact: Beginner's Contact Staff Book


Unleash your contact staff flow with First Contact: Beginner's Contact Staff, a new instructional book by Chazz Parham, renowned UK contact staff artist and teacher. First Contact breaks down nine basic contact moves into simple step-by-step instructions, accompanied by over 100 clear illustrations.

The book is aimed at absolute beginners, but it's also useful for more experienced contact staff spinners to gain a deeper understanding of these foundational moves.

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    Starting with basics like Hand and Neck Wraps, the book also includes more complex tricks like Foot Stalls, the Conveyor Belt, the Halo and the Steve. There is information on learning practices, the right length and weight of a contact staff, fire safety and more.

    Comes wire-bound to allow it to lie flat in front of you while you practice the tricks, and the print is large enough to be read at a distance.