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The original levitation stick designed specifically for flowing and dancing (rather than magic), our flow-wand® is often imitated, but never duplicated!


  • perfectly balanced
  • several different color options, all with interesting optical features
  • swivelled finger loop - never worry about your string twisting up
  • beautifully finished with no exposed tape
  • handmade with love in the USA
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  • Description

    Color options: 

    • classic: the original flow-wand with rainbow holographic silver sheen that bursts into slivers of rainbow when hit by a light source. Amazing in sunlight.
    • silver sparkle: covered in tiny rainbow hoops that sparkle in any light.  
    • firefly: beautiful green and gold sheen that switches between the 2 colors depending on the angle that you view it, plus it's UV active!
    • classic gold: similar to our original classic wand, classic gold exhibits all the colors of the rainbow in the presence of light with the addition of a unique golden sheen that will dazzle your audience, and have them twirling their mustachios in appreciation!

    Note: The black string is chosen for its strength and durability - invisible magician's thread is too weak and will break with active play. We tried using white, silver, and grey string and fishing line, and surprisingly they are more visible than black as they catch and reflect light. The wand is not designed specifically for magic, but rather for movement. The magic is in your movement :)