kaizen prop rack system

Life is so much better when you can see and get to your stuff! 

Beautifully display your props while they’re charging, serving as mood-lighting in your home, and inspiring you to play with them at any time. Free up your floor and wall space. Declutter and gain clarity of mind. Get optimized.

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement or change for the better, which sums up how we work at flowtoys - through gradual and methodical steps towards making things better.  

Flowtoys kaizen modular prop rack system embodies this philosophy not only in how we will continue to evolve it, refining and adding parts to manage more than your props, but also in how you apply it. Start with what you think will work for you, re-configure it as needed, add more parts over time, take a step back, optimize again :)

Getting started with kaizen

kaizen prop rack building blocks

Components: bases, mounts, brackets, connectors and bins. 

A series of modular parts enables you to create just the right rack for your needs, and adapt and improve it over time. We are launching with a handful of beta kits, and will be offering more kits and all parts separately over the next few months.

You can start with just 1 triangle or hexagon, and build on your system. You can connect bases, or if you have the wall space, you can spread them out and place them all over your home to proudly display your props and beautify your living space.

Each base can hold a variety of bins and mounts, and can be expanded on in a variety of ways.

We’ve designed each mount to hold a wide variety of props and other objects, check out the detailed images on the product pages to get a sense of what is possible.

The bins not only hold parts, chargers, props and accessories, but add depth to your rack, enabling you to add more mounts and layer props to hold more.

Connectors enable you to add bases without screws and expand your rack. Plus they look cool :)

Getting started

Start with a triangle if you want to minimally mount a single prop or set.

Start with a hexagon-based kit if you want to mount multiple props in one place and/or expect to add more and expand your rack over time.

Get a power bin to hold all your chargers and cords, and enable you to charge your props, while they are on the rack.

We include screws and dry-wall anchors to your kits. If you need to attach to brick or concrete you’ll need to get your own anchors.