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Sean loves gear. Here are some of his all-time favorite consumer items that he has handy at all times.

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  • nitecore TUBE - tiny USB rechargeable LED light

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    The TUBE is small USB-rechargable LED light that fits on your keychain ensuring that you have a lightsource wherever you are.

    This powerful & economical mini-flashlight is so bright and is rechargeable through any standard USB to micro-USB cable. Made from polycarbonate for extreme durability and weighing in at less than half an ounce, the TUBE is a great addition to any emergency or party kit alike.

    Comes with a keyring installed, so it's super easy to install right onto a lanyard, dog collar, zipper pull, etc. Grab a few and share with your friends!

  • utilikey

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    Our favorite mini multi-tool. This little "key" has it all:

    • small straight and serrated blades
    • tiny screwdriver (great for glasses)
    • small phillips head
    • tiny and medium flat head
    • a bottle opener. 
    Best of all you always have it on you, as it fits on your keychain.

  • podpoi black®

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    Can't wait for nighttime to spin your glowpoi? Our engineers at flowtoys have designed a new daytime poi solution that enables you to see vivid poi trails at high noon: podpoi black®

    We all know the value of light trails as a learning tool, giving us instant feedback on the precision of our planes and timing. But why confine our learning to the dark? Get podpoi black for your daytime learning needs!

    Watch the video below for full product release!

  • pod launcher 3000

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    Introducing the pod launcher 3000. This consciously designed flow firearm is guaranteed to take your poi to new heights!


    • pneumatic hair trigger
    • detachable barrel measuring 37" x 3"
    • transparent barrel for optimal projectile viewing
    • pressure gauge, fill port, overpressure release valve
    • over 100 yard range
    • 110psi high-capacity tank
    • barrel-mounted sight
    • activated shiny things
    • powered by any compressed gas
    • launch up to 8 podlights at once
    • launches t-shirts, stuffed toys, potatoes and more!
    • durable, rechargeable, lifetime warranty

4 Item(s)