flowlight poi w/o lights


Already have 2 flowlights and caps? 

Get this rig, and turn your staff or flowtoys parts into an awesome pair of poi. 

LEAD TIME: We don't keep stock of flowlight poi, and make them per order. There is up to a 1-week lead time before they might be able to ship out.

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  • Description

    Flowpoi are super durable poi with a fun pop that come with quality leashes and knob handles. 

    Flowlight-FS are modular, versatile LED lightsticks with many adjustable modes, colors, kinetic awareness, global brightness adjust and many more features.

    This rig comes as a pair assembled with:

    • 2x 2FX tubes
    • cord connectors
    • leashes with knob handles
    • the potential for bringing light into your life