flowmoja LED juggling ball

flowmoja LED juggling ball
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Big is beautiful! flowmoja LED juggling balls are made with 90mm umoja spheres and capsule 2 lights, and look amazing for performance. They get super bright, have many beautiful modes, are incredibly durable, USB rechargeable, have motion-responsive effects, wireless connectivity and control, adjustable brightness, and all the sweet features that come with the beloved flowtoys capsule 2.

Sold individually.

Note: flowmoja balls are made in small batches in the US and some variation in opacity can occur between batches.

1-2 week lead time: Flowmoja poi are handmade in small batches. Even if you choose Express shipping, your poi may not leave our factory until 1-2 weeks after you place your order. If you are in a rush, please contact us or write your desired receiving date in the Customer Notes during checkout. We'll do our best to make magic happen for you.

What You'll Get

Each flowmoja juggling ball comes with: 

  • 1 usb cable 
  • ~382 cm3 of illuminated fun

Note on assembly: In flowmoja poi, the capsule lights are installed in the umoja spheres such that the capsule button is easily accessible. In flowmoja juggling balls, the orientation is reversed - see detailed photos. This is to prevent you from accidentally hitting the button while juggling :)

Features & Tech Specs

Size: 90mm

Weight: 150g

Capsule 2 features

  • 64 customizable modes
  • full color spectrum with over 60 billion colors
  • hella bright, custom high-temp LEDs, and global brightness control
  • accelerometer response aka kinetic awareness 2.0
  • wireless control, syncing and connectivity
  • save up to 60 favorites
  • 2 extra show pages w/ up to 60 modes each
  • USB rechargeable and update-able
  • super durable & lifetime warranty

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  • 1/25/2024

    Buy today. you will not be disappointed :-)

    So happy with my Flowtoys Juggling props. From the first enquiry email, to ordering was so friendly and straightforward. I started/still run since Sept 1992. Milton Keynes Juggling Club UK. A.K.A Jugglers Anonymous. A.K.A. The Juggley Love Club. United Kingdom. I got 6 flowmoja LED juggling balls, with 6 Vision Clubs. Bridges and Capsule Remotes. All the extras are a Lovely Bonus. Ordered the Balls straight from Flowtoys as don’t sell over here. Not a problem and Oh my word!!! The Vision Clubs are amazing as we all know if you’ve ever seen or juggled them.. The Flowmoja balls are amazing too. I did take a chance on them, but so glad I did. Took to Club and everybody was blown away at how good they are. Totally recommend the Balls and Clubs. As a 54 year old Juggler of 34 years i’m blown away by the tech and quality. Keep up the good work. Order today. You will not be disappointed :-)

  • 11/11/2021

    Love them

    You wont be dissapointed.
    Lots and lots of fun.
    Yes little big but just more of them to love.
    Im a beginner and i make due with the size. The flow ios sleep mode works well to conserve battery on them. If you drop one and are happy playing with two the third can just go to sleep on the ground where you dropped it.

    They are super durable and fun to throw or roll long distances. Theyve continued working in canadian fall weather and am sure they will work in winter. When the ball gets super cold the insert does slip a little out but never completely and its probably to cold to juggle anyways.

    LOVE THEM!!!!

  • 9/30/2021

    Best product on the market!

    These are the coolest balls you'll ever own! Excited for a slightly smaller version as well!