flowtoys ornaments

flowtoys ornaments

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These adorable flow props ornaments are lasercut from wood and come in a convenient pop-out pack.

Hang them in your home, make them into earrings, or add your own personal touch with markers, paint and glitter! They also make for delightful mini fidget flow props :)

Sold individually as a pop-out pack.

What You'll Get

You'll get:

  • 1x lasercut wood pop-out pack featuring the following props:
    • 1x juggling clubs trifecta
    • 1x pair of podpoi
    • 1x pair of flowmoja
    • 2x buugeng
    • 1x baton trifecta
    • 2x pairs of fans
    • 1x contact wand
    • 1x staff
    • 1x pair of dragon discs
    • 1x super f
Features & Tech Specs


  • Lasercut from wood, the ornaments come in one wooden piece for safe transit to your happy little hands
  • Prop ornaments pop out easily from their laser-etched locations
  • Drawings pulled from flowtoys prop designs brought to miniature wooden life by our friend at SoulmindStudios!
  • Fan designs by Doodle and Bliss, buugeng design by Rion Fish

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