Fun in Motion bundled kit

Fun in Motion bundled kit

As low as: $93.45

Made by our friends at "Fun in Motion", these beginner flow props are a terrific start to any flow & juggle journey. We decided to put them together as a bundled kit that also gives you a sweet discount.

Learn to spin poi with spinballs LED poi, learn to juggle with the amazing Wes Peden juggling balls, challenge your brain and dexterity with the genuine shashibo shape shifting box, and be mesmerized with the motion of the glozi as you play and dance with it.

All LED props are micro-USB rechargeable.

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What You'll Get

Warranty: Fun in Motion products come with a 60-day manufacturers' warranty on defects. As long as they’re not physically damaged (e.g. water damaged), it will be a free replacement for the parts that are not working. As these products are not made by flowtoys, they do not participate in our upgrade program. and we require a purchase receipt for warranty, as other shops also sell these items.

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