fluoro fire fuzzy poi - special limited w/ floop handles


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We found a stash of fluoro fire fuzzy poi with swivelled floop handles! These are a special limited batch, so get them while stocks last.

  • soft beautiful fuzzy covers in delicate wisps of orange, pink and yellow 
  • glows in UV/ blacklight
  • cushy poi heads
  • super-comfortable leashes with knob handles

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  • Description

    Comes as a pair with:

    • a pair of swivelled floop handles w/ soft flowleashes
    • 2x as-is pod shells and tri-rings
    • 2x fluoro fire fuzzy poi covers
    • lots of delight

    Please note that the pod shells used to make fuzzy poi may be from as-is stock - they may not work well for podpoi, but they work perfectly for fuzzy poi, and they are included at no charge.