fuzzy poi - rainbow

fuzzy poi - rainbow
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Practice makes perfect, and it's even more fun with this set of rainbow fuzzy daytime poi!

Cushy and brightly colored, fuzzy poi are perfect for play, learning and daytime flow.

Sold as a pair.

What You'll Get

Comes as a pair with:

  • 2x rainbow fuzzy poi covers
  • 2x recycled tennis balls in each poi head
  • 2x poi knob handles by Play Juggling
  • 6mm cord with extra length for custom adjustment
  • rainbow overload of joy and good times
Features & Tech Specs


  • soft beautiful fuzzy covers in an epic rainbow color
  • cushy poi heads with similar weight to podpoi
  • super-comfortable leashes with knob handles
  • fuzzy covers are removable and can be put on your podpoi too

Fuzzy Cover Washing Instructions:

We recommend that fuzzy covers be gently handwashed with mild soap and cold water.

Tech Specs

Poi Head Weight:



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  • 12/3/2018

    the best beginner practice set available

    Fuzzy poi is, hands down, the best beginner practice set available. These poi are soft, slow, and forgiving enough to facilitate learning without fear of serious injury. In my time using them, I've experienced the usual plethora of bumps and whacks to various body parts. Only the most sensitive areas were affected for more than a few seconds. They also deliver outstanding daytime performance. The vibrant colors and larger footprint allow these to be seen clearly in the sun from fairly far away. The rainbow colors of this variant are especially fun.
    - Price
    - Softness
    - Colors
    - Due to the drag created by the fuzz, orbitals and similar moves can be difficult to execute or maintain. This is a minor complaint, especially for beginners.

  • 6/14/2018

    Soft, Durable, Good Weight.

    Bought a set of these for daytime flow, love the colors and the fabric. They stay on while i'm spinning, even if i'm spinning fast. These have helped me open a lot of moves since they are so soft and I have no fear of damaging my Capsule inside on a hard hit.