glitterbomb100 contact poi - 11mm static rope - single

glitterbomb100 contact poi - 11mm static rope - single

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Not just your everyday contact poi! Or maybe these are your every day contact poi. The ones you use every day and night for practice, play, poi-partying and performance. 

We custom-blended glitter to give these 100mm pendulum poi a mondo glitter crackle that sparkles amazingly, especially in sunlight. A flowtoys exclusive, these poi come in 5 elemental theme colors - fire, water, earth, air & love.

Now with matching 3D-printed element knobs! Each elemental theme comes with its own matching color-themed 3D-printed elemental knob.

Designed for beginners through advanced poi spinners, these contact poi are great for stalls, floats, tosses and poi juggling. If you prefer a softer, thinner, more flexible cord with a smaller poi head, you can also get glitterbomb contact poi 90mm with 6mm rope.

Sold individually.

What You'll Get

What you get in this rig:

  • 1 custom-blended 100mm glitterbomb poi head - choose from 5 elemental styles
  • 1 matching custom element 3D-printed poi knob handle
  • 11mm cord with extra length for custom adjustment
  • 5x removable washers for weighting the handles
  • delightful daytime contact poi flow
Features & Tech Specs

Tech Specs

  • Glitterbomb head weight:

    all colors = 200g
  • Static rope diameter:

  • Static rope elongation:

  • Washers and knob handle weight variance:

    11mm cord come with 1/16" thick washers. Washers come with some variance in their weights, so there might be slight variation in knob head weight, even if you have the same number of washers in each.
  • Knob handle weights:

  • 1 washer (min) = ~12g
  • 6 washers = ~22g
  • 12 washers (max) = ~34g
  • 11mm rope:

    High quality 11mm diameter static rope from Tendon. Static rope is rope that is designed not to stretch when under load.

Custom-blended glitterbomb poi heads

Handmade in the USA, these contact poi aka pendulum poi are durable, handle great, and will take your poi spinning to new levels, with an added sprinkling of pixie dust. A flowtoys-exclusive made by PlayJuggling, these 90mm spheres have custom-blended glitter, giving you a mondo glitter crackle that sparkles amazingly, especially in sunlight. Glitterbomb spheres are made with pthalate-free pvc and come in 5 elemental theme colors:

  • Earth: green, bronze, gold
  • Fire: red, orange, gold
  • Love: rose, fuchsia, silver
  • Water: azure, electric cyan, silver
  • Air: holographic silver

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