iso hoop - pearlescent 20"


Step up your object manipulation skills with iso hoops! Durable, smooth, yet slightly grippy - these mini isolation hoops are perfect for technical manipulation and juggling. The pearlescent tape is visually stunning, giving you a beautiful pearly white-gold-purple-pink luster as it moves and catches any light. 

These are no ordinary hoops! Handmade by Tuff Hoops (Brian Thompson & Cassie McKenney), these hoops are crafted with the utmost care by passionate iso hoop artists and encapsulated in the same durable transparent coating that has protected flowtoys flow-wands for over a decade, preserving the brilliant optical effects of the tape and providing the perfect amount of grip.

The size in this listing is 20". Sold individually. 

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    Iso hoops are not made by Flowtoys, but they come with a similar warranty and upgrade policy to products made by Flowtoys that will be honored by Tuff Hoops. You are welcome to email, and we will forward any warranty/upgrade requests to Tuff Hoops.