joy of poi kit: fuzzy poi

joy of poi kit: fuzzy poi

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Are you an instructor, part of a troupe, or just love to share the joy of poi?

Buy 5 pairs of fuzzy poi, and get 1 free with this kit!

Sold as a kit.

What You'll Get

This fuzzy poi kit comes with:

  • 6 pairs of rainbow or fire fuzzy poi
  • more friends, loads of joy and happy dances

Each fuzzy poi pair features:

  • 2x rainbow or fire fuzzy poi covers
  • 2x recycled tennis balls in each poi head
  • 2x poi knob handles by Play Juggling
  • 6mm cord with extra length for custom adjustment
Features & Tech Specs


  • 6 total pairs of fuzzy poi for the price of 5 so you can spread the joy!
  • soft beautiful fuzzy covers in epic rainbow or fire colors
  • cushy poi heads with similar weight to podpoi
  • super-comfortable leashes with knob handles
  • fuzzy covers are removable and can be put on your podpoi too

Fuzzy Cover Washing Instructions:

We recommend that fuzzy covers be gently handwashed with mild soap and cold water.

Tech Specs

Poi Head Weight:



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