long string flow-wand: ruby red

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While there is no place like home, this limited rhinestone wand can transport you to lands both magical and glamorous!


  • perfectly balanced - amazing ribbed feel
  • special limited edition
  • encrusted with ruby red rhinestone
  • handmade with an under-layer of UV-reactive green-gold "firefly" tape
  • heavier than regular flow-wands

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  • Description

    Comes with:

    • ruby red rhinestones decadently patterned along the full span of each wand
    • underlaid with UV-reactive golden green "firefly" tape
    • protective eyelet and heatshrink
    • moments of magic and high glamor

    String length: 9', no finger loop
    String length is measured from the center of the wand to the end of the string - so the actual length of raw material is twice as long. If you are interested in both long- and short string wand, we do NOT recommend swapping strings, as you have to cut your string and replace it everytime you swap wand styles.

    Note: The black string is chosen for its strength and durability - invisible magician's thread is too weak and will break with active play. We tried using white, silver, and grey string and fishing line, and surprisingly they are more visible than black as they catch and reflect light. The wand is not designed specifically for magic, but rather for movement. The magic is in your movement.