phatty-cord - by the foot


Clocking in at a good 11mm or almost half an inch thick, phatty-cord is super soft and cushy. It makes a unique poi leash and a great middle section for puppy-hammers. We remove the core and flatten it to make flowloop handles, but the cord is sold here with the core intact. Sold by the foot. 

Note: Phatty cord is custom made and comes with splices along the length of our spools. If you are ordering more than 20', please note that we cannot guarantee a continuous length of unbroken cord.

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    Remember to get WELDED O-RINGS for installation!
    You will need 2 pairs of large o-rings for installing your leashes - one ring for each end of the cord.

    Using it with capsule lights? Phatty-cord doesn't readily fit capsule lights. However, you can modify your capsule to hold phatty-cord with a capsule loop. Contact us if you need DIY instructions!