PixelWhip rev4 :: double power special

As low as: $160.00

What's better than a PixelWhip? Two PixelWhips rev4, plus extra power!

Order two all new rev4 Pixelwhips and get a free USB power pack to charge your Pixelwhip batteries on the go! With 2 extra 18650 Li-ions, you'll be able to dance all night long with maximum fiber optic spacewhip action!  

The USB power pack comes with 2x 18650 batteries and can be plugged into any USB power source. Once charged, you can use it on-the-go to charge your podpoi, mobile phones and more. Woot!

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    Comes with:

    • 2x pixelwhip rev4
    • 2x 18650 Li-ion battery installed
    • 2x USB charger
    • foam rubber grip to add padding and non-slip hold
    • 1x USB power pack with 2x 18650 batteries

    40 total NEW amazing patterns! Now organized into 4 different style channels, each featuring 10 patterns:

    • Style 1 - Single Colors: 1 color per mode ranging the full ROYGBIV spectrum
    • Style 2 - Color Wipes: 2 color spectrum color wipes, including a Watermelon (pink&green) & Rainbow
    • Style 3 - Triple Colors: 3 colors per pattern in a variety of beautiful complimentary combinations
    • Style 4 - Pulsing Swatches: All new patterns with up to 6 colors per pattern in unique & gorgeous configurations such as Twilight & Raspberry Lime Sherbert

    Note: Avoid contact with face and eyes. This product is not intended for use by children age 14 and under.