play-all-day essentials flowkit

play-all-day essentials flowkit

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Not a night owl? You can still enjoy lots of amazing flowtoys in the daytime :)

This kit brings you a bundle of essential flowtoys for endless fun in the sun, a few extra items to help you stay clean and cool, all while saving you 15% moolah.

Sold as a kit.

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What You'll Get

This dazzling daytime kit includes:

  • 1x pair glitterbomb 90mm contact poi (choose color)
  • 1x short-string flow-wand® (choose color)
  • 1x hipsack (choose color) +add an extension for $5 (optional)
  • 1x toroflux®
  • 1x set of 3 galaxy juggling balls
  • 1x FloWarrior folding fan - 'dark flame'
  • 1x shashibo - 'Spaced Out'
  • 1x flowtoys foldable & reversible sunhat
  • 1x flowtoys drawstring bag
  • 1x tube of essential wipes
  • some sweet swag
  • maximum fun in the sun :)
Features & Tech Specs


  • Spin uniquely glittery poi: We custom-blended glitter to give these 90mm pendulum poi a mondo glitter crackle that sparkles amazingly, especially in sunlight. A flowtoys exclusive, these poi come in elemental theme colors - fire and air. Designed for beginners through advanced poi spinners, these poi come with adjustable leashes made with 6mm smithy rope from LanternSmith, and poi knobs from Play. You can also get glitterbomb contact poi with static rope.
  • Dance with the wand: The original levitation stick designed specifically for flowing and dancing (rather than magic), our flow-wand® is often imitated, but never duplicated! Choose from 6 uniquely delightful tape colors, including the classic rainbow holographic silver sheen that bursts into slivers of rainbow when hit by a light source - amazing in sunlight!
  • Out of this world: Galaxy Juggling Balls that not only feel great for practice and performance, they look stellar too :) Made by zeekio with 12-panels and natural grain leather, the juggling balls start solid, but feel soft and perfect after they break in.
  • Free your hands: And the rest will follow. Carry your whole festy flowkit and more in your handy hipsack.
  • Share joy: Share the wonders of the toroflux, and hand it to that hottie on the dancefloor. This magical 4th dimensional slinky will delight and mesmerize you and your friends for hours. Stick it in a cooler on a hot day, and roll it along your arms to cool yourself (and that hottie) off.
  • Stay fresh and clean: Essential wipes are a revolutionary way to stay fresh. Made of biodegradable bamboo and essential oils, these wipes are pressed into a dry disc about the size of a nickel. Just add water and voila! It magically grows into an amazing personal wipe that cleans and refreshes you, plus it smells great and is compostable.
  • Stay cool: Protect yourself from the sun, and keep flowing with this nifty foldable & reversible sun hat! Folds flat for travel, comes with cord lock.

Glitterbomb90 Contact Poi Colors

Hand-made in the USA, these pthalate-free pvc contact spheres feature a custom-blended mondo glitter crackle and are available in 5 different elemental themes -
  • Earth: green, bronze, gold
  • Fire: red, orange, gold
  • Love: rose, fuchsia, silver
  • Water: azure, electric cyan, silver
  • Air: holographic silver

Flow-wand® Tape Colors

  • classic: The original flow-wand® with rainbow holographic silver sheen that bursts into slivers of rainbow when hit by a light source. Amazing in sunlight.
  • silver sparkle: Covered in tiny rainbow hoops that sparkle in any light!
  • firefly: Beautiful green and gold sheen that switches between the 2 colors depending on the angle that you view it, plus it's UV active!
  • arctic glow: This special glow-in-the-dark tape features a beautiful ice-crackle and white iridescent finish! Charges rapidly in UV / daylight.
  • candy crush: This special limited edition flow-wand is pure eye candy! Encrusted in a rainbow of tiny rhinestones and underlaid with iridescent UV-reactive green-gold firefly tape, this "candy crush" wand will give you a sugar rush. It's also slightly heavier than typical wands.

Hipsack Colors

Hipsacks are available in several color choices. You can get different colors, and mix and match!

Current color options include: black, dune, green, aubergine, teal & red.

Optional Hipsack Extensions

Get some extra room (and an extra pocket!) in your hipsack! These nifty hipsack extensions lace into the back of your hipsack, adding 6" (+ laces) of extra length. The extension also has an internal pocket with snap closure, perfect for small essentials.

Hipsack extensions are available in two reversible colors - black/cocoa or wine/plum.

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