podpoi black®


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Can't wait for nighttime to spin your glowpoi? Our engineers at flowtoys have designed a new daytime poi solution that enables you to see vivid poi trails at high noon: podpoi black®

We all know the value of light trails as a learning tool, giving us instant feedback on the precision of our planes and timing. But why confine our learning to the dark? Get podpoi black for your daytime learning needs!

Watch the video below for full product release!

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  • Description

    No more hiding in the shadows to spin your poi during lunchtime. Step into the light, and become the poi supernova you are meant to be. Comes with free exclusive black USB cables and wall adaptor to compliment your new podpoi black.

    Caution: This is an April's Fools joke! But if you were fooled, you are not alone. We get requests for podpoi black regularly, even from Physics professors!