PomGrip knob handle kit - glow

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Made by LanternSmith, PomGrips have a super comfortable knob shape and grippy silicone shell - awesome for tosses and comfortable to spin all night, even in the cold. Plus our specialized kit allows you to easily customize the weight of your handle with washers! Totally fly.

Glow technology: Glow handles charge under UV light (1-5 minutes in the sun, 1-2 minutes under blacklight, or 10-30 seconds with a special UV LED flashlight). Great for catches at night!

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  • Description

    Kit comes with:

    • a pair of PomGrip aqua-blue glow knobs
    • 14x washers
    • installation string

    Note about compatibility: PomGrip knob handles are compatible with flowcord, phatty, paracord & smithy rope. Static rope will not fit through the inner hole of the knob, which cannot be increased for this particular type of knob.