hub - pop'n flow triad :: full vision

hub - pop'n flow triad :: full vision

Got full vision pop'n flow spokes? The triad hub is as simple as can be, and a great addition to any flow kit. Just pop in 3x full vision spokes and find your flow!

If you’ve never played with triads before, give it a try! They may not become your primary flow, but combining fan, baton, and hexagonal tech-grid movements with a simple and mesmerizing spin on your thumb, they are a great way to find new inspiration, or add some pizzazz to a stage-show.

Sold individually - order 2x for a pair of triads.

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What You'll Get

Comes with:

  • 1x full vision triad hub - holds 3x full vision spokes
  • Optional - add different caps for different flows 

Cap options:

  • Custom 3D-printed spoke air caps are the lightest weight option - excellent for fans, triads and leviwand dance. 
  • Flowcaps are made of silicone and heavier - good for props like dragonstaffs, batons, stick-poi and chucks. 
  • Pod shell + pod sleeve: If you like your poi really heavy, you'll want to choose the pod shell and pod sleeve. 

Features & Tech Specs

Tech specs:

Weight = 49g each
Length = 82mm
Width = 93mm
Thickness = 19mm


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