rechargeable NiMH AAAs: 8-pack

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Buy a pack of 8 batteries and save 50%! We've tested many and these are the best affordable rechargeable AAA batteries available. 


  • 1000 mAh - highest available in a AAA cell
  • handle multiple discharges well
  • long lifetime unlike cheap rechargeables
  • custom designed "flowcell" battery covers to create a brighter looking battery with swooshes that line up with the dots on your flowlight :)

Get 2 sets for each of your flowlights to ensure you will always be illuminated.

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    Qty=1 means you get 1 pack of 8 batteries.
    Qty=2 means you get 2 packs of 8 = 16 batteries

    These NiMH batteries are listed as 1000 mAh, the highest available in a AAA cell. We've tested them to actually provide an average of 900 mAh, unlike many that claim to provide 1000 mAh, but only put out 700-800 mAh. These batteries also handle multiple discharges well and have a long lifetime unlike many of the cheapest available rechargeables.