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Wear it like a ring. Play it like a toy.

Portable enough to carry in your pocket, simple to learn, fun to master, and offering endless possibilities, the RingDama is a new skill toy that combines Yo-Yo, Kendama, and Poi swinging.

It's more than just a game. The RingDama provides satisfying flow techniques, impressive trick opportunities, and even has zen-like meditative effects. The best part is that the RingDama accommodates all ages* and skill levels.

Sold individually.

*Ages 8+

What You'll Get

What you get:

  • 1x RingDama

RingDama Design:

Every culture has their version of the ball and cup game. The RingDama is the next step in the evolution of an ancient tradition of toys. Utilizing elements of popular toys like the KenDama and Yo-Yo, the RingDama builds on these concepts by making a toy that's part of you. By placing the ring on your finger, it becomes an extension of your body.

The RingDama is entertainment on-the-go: no matter where you happen to be, you have the power to create new tricks, express yourself, and get into your flow! Simply slide the adjustable strap to your middle finger, make sure you've got plenty of space, and swing the ball into the cup or one of the four grooves along the base.

Features & Tech Specs


  • RingDama consists of four parts: the ball, the ring, the string, and the adjustable strap
  • The cup straps firmly to your finger with a comfortable strap, and is also connected to the cup with a pliable 18" string
  • The length of the string allows you to swing the ball in any direction
  • The cup's multi-groove base is specially crafted to allow you to catch the ball with infinite possibilities

Tech Specs

String length:





8 years & up


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