shashibo 4-pc box set :: the shape-shifting magnetic puzzle cube

shashibo 4-pc box set :: the shape-shifting magnetic puzzle cube

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What's better than the amazing Shashibo? Four shashibos in a beautiful box set!  

Nominated as Toy of the Year, each shashibo magnetic puzzle cube transforms into over 70 shapes. You can connect them together for even more possibilities! They are cerebral, tactile, beautiful, kinda addictive and make awesome gifts for people of all ages and walks of life. 

Invented by our friend and amazing poi spinner Andreas Hoenigschmid, and produced by Fun in Motion, which is headed by Kevin Daniels, another poi spinner in the community, the shashibo is taking toy, gift and museum shops by storm.

According to the inventor, 16 is the magic number of shashibos to have to be able to build some really interesting structures ;)  

Sold as a box set of 4.

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What You'll Get

This Shashibo box set includes:

  • 4x shashibos in original packaging by Fun in Motion & deluxe box set container - available in 3 design options: Spaced Out, Optical Illusion, and Mystic Ocean

Click here to download the Shashibo Shape Guide!

Features & Tech Specs


  • this super giftable shashibo box set features 4 shashibo: shape-shifting magnetic puzzle cube powered by 36 rare earth magnets per cube
  • each Shashibo cube transforms into over 70 geometric shapes & configurations
  • made from a high-quality injection mold & each of the 4 included shashibo featuring a unique mesmerizing beautifully-printed pattern, each with their own 4 unique art designs - an outer design + 3 interior patterns
  • combine multiple Shashibos for larger, more complex shapes and intricate patterns!

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