Sticks - horizontal mega kit

Sticks - horizontal mega kit

Got more sticks than you can shake a stick at? Awesome! Proudly display your collection, make it easier to manage, change and use with this EPIC kit. This is the power kit with ALL the add-ons included. You know it’s only a matter of you get to save with a mega kit compared to ordering parts separately.

Sold as a kit, assembly required. Props not included ;)

1-week Lead time: All kaizen kits have a 1-week lead time. Even if you order Express shipping, your order might not leave our workshop until a week after you place your order.

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What You'll Get

What you get:

  • 1x hexagon base w/ wall anchors, screw spacers and sandpaper
  • 1x power bin
  • 1x parts bin
  • 2x deep forks
  • 1x over the top + stick-step wide + 2 deep hooks
  • 1x down low + power bin + sticks steps
  • 4x hooks
  • an epic prop organizational to store, charge and display your sticks and more 
Features & Tech Specs


  • modular, versatile and expandable prop rack system
  • lasercut cherrywood

Tech Specs


  • Hexagons: 348mm wide x 303mm tall


  • Power bin: internal dimensions: 144mm tall x 256mm deep x 256mm wide
  • Stick-step: 227mm depth to base. 144mm heigh.175mm width. 32mm max shaft diameter.
  • Over-the-top: 347mm long. 1 pair creates maximum 196mm gap between bases. 2 pairs + hex base creates maximum 695mm gap between 2 hex bases. NOTE: must overlap at least 1 slot on bottom base or that base will sag forward when weigth is applied to any mounts or bins.
  • Stick-step wide: 227mm depth to base. 144mm height. 260mm width. 32mm max shaft diameter. 
  • Deep hooks: 225mm depth to base. hole in object to be hung must be min. 20mm.
  • Down-low: 347mm long. creates 37mm gap between 2 hex bases
  • Deep forks: 23mm wide x 240mm deep.

Comes with:

  • Deep forks: Ideal for mounting sticks, poi and/or clubs on the sides of your power bin. Holds 3-5 sticks, 3+ poi, 3 clubs, or whatever fits.
  • Deep hooks:  2 of these next to each other can hold a grip of staves and sticks horizontally. You can mount them above your stick steps.
  • Over the top w/ stick steps wide & deep hooks: Over-the-top connectors allow you to add another hexagon above your base without you having to screw it into the wall. Another set of stick-steps and deep hooks expand your stick storing capacity. 
  • Down low w/ stick steps & power bin: Down-low connectors allow you to another hexagon to your base without having to screw into the wall. This add-on comes with a power bin & more stick steps, plus you can add deep forks and hold even more props.
  • Hooks: Ideal for hooking things ;) dart, chucks, astrojax, poi loops, headphones, a remote etc. 2 of these next to each other also nicely hold a single staff or a few wands horizontally. 

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