stocking stuffer kit - 4kids

stocking stuffer kit - 4kids

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No more losing your head this holiday season hunting down novelties for the little ones in your life - we've got you covered with this sweet stocking stuffer flowkit for kids, comprising our favorite stocking-stuffable-sized toys beloved by all ages!

You'll get a range of classic flowtoys, including the original genuine toroflux®, a pair of epically soft and poppy rainbow fuzzy poi, and a short string flow-wand® mini - yep, a levi wand for the little ones! All that and more toys that all ages and skill levels can enjoy on the first try like a rainbow twirling ribbon, the shashibo magnetic puzzle cube, galaxy juggling balls, and a glitterbomb 90mm ball.

So enjoy the sweet sound of lil' ones finding their flow this holiday season - everybody wins, and you get to save some dollars. Score ;)

Sold as a kit as shown.

What You'll Get

What you get in this stocking stuffer flowkit:

  • 1x shashibo in original packaging by Fun in Motion - choose from 8 different patterns
  • 1x toroflux®
  • 1x set of 3 galaxy juggling balls
  • 1x pair rainbow fuzzy poi
  • 1x glitterbomb 90mm juggling ball - choose from 5 elemental color options
  • 1x rainbow twirling ribbon
  • 1x short string flow-wand® mini with swivelled finger loop - choose from several color options
  • 1x flowtoys drawstring bag to carry it all
  • stocking stuffers sure to delight every little elf on you list :)
Features & Tech Specs


Rainbow Fuzzy Poi

  • soft beautiful fuzzy covers in an epic rainbow color
  • cushy poi heads with similar weight to podpoi
  • super-comfortable leashes with knob handles
  • fuzzy covers are removable and can be put on your podpoi too
  • cleaning instructions: we recommend that fuzzy covers be gently handwashed with mild soap and cold water :)


  • gently press down on the top to fold it into a flat ring
  • tap the flat toroflux® and it springs open like magic, surprising everyone!
  • roll it up your arm or a tube and watch it roll along like a magical metal bubble - pass it to a friend's arm and share the magic
  • meditative and endless tactile fun - this 'fidget toy' engages movement and play
  • handmade from a single strand of thin 100% stainless steel, this kinetic spring "flow" toy is a mesmerizing way to discover the physics of the toroidal shape
  • the original toroflux® comes in a flowtoys branded toroflux® cotton carrying bag - don't be fooled by imitators!


  • shape-shifting magnetic puzzle cube powered by 36 rare earth magnets per cube
  • each Shashibo cube transforms into over 70 geometric shapes & configurations
  • made from a high-quality injection mold & available in 7 different & mesmerizing beautifully-printed patterns, each with their own 4 unique art designs - an outer design + 3 interior patterns
  • combine multiple Shashibos for larger, more complex shapes and intricate patterns!

Glitterbomb90 Juggling Balls

  • 90mm custom blended glitter spheres custom made for flowtoys by PlayJuggling with pthalate-free pvc
  • amazing mondo glitter sparkle
  • Weight: 150g
  • Diameter: 90mm

Galaxy Juggling Balls

  • "cosmo" juggling balls that not only feel great for practice and performance, they look out of this world :)
  • made by zeekio with 12-panels and natural grain leather
  • the juggling balls start solid, but feel soft and perfect after they break in

flow-wand® mini

  • each wand is made by hand in the USA and perfectly-balanced
  • short string wands come with a swivelled finger loop made from custom tubular webbing looped through itself and melted in to a custom swivel, enabling you to move freely without worrying about string tangling up
  • well-weighted fiberglass core is extremely strong & durable, will not warp with humidity or temperature
  • braided teflon-coated nylon wand string is stronger & far more durable than invisible magician's thread, allowing you to experiment with more active wand play
  • black wand string will catch and reflect less light than white, silver & gray string or fishing line = more magic to your movement
  • several beautiful holographic tape options that create mesmerizing optical illusions in daylight
  • a layer of clear heat shrink protects the entire wand, enhancing the luster of the tape and protecting it against bubbles & peeling
  • string holes are hand-drilled, beveled, cleaned, and finished with handtools for smooth wand flow with no string-catching or tearing
  • each flow-wand® is finished with tiny clear clear caps to protect the ends from bumps and impacts and ensure no fiberglass or tape is exposed

Rainbow Twirling Ribbon

  • great for kids and kids at heart!
  • silky rainbow ribbon features bright vivid colors along the full 13' length
  • perfectly weighted to follow every little twist and flick
  • ribbon is attached via a swivel to a rigid but lightweight wand
  • wand is 19" long and features a red grip at one end for comfy handling

Custom-blended glitterbomb sphere elements

Handmade in the USA, these flowtoys-exclusive 100mm juggling spheres are made by PlayJuggling with custom-blended glitter, giving you a mondo glitter crackle that sparkles amazingly, especially in sunlight. Glitterbomb spheres are made with pthalate-free pvc and come in 5 elemental theme colors:

  • Earth: green, bronze, gold
  • Fire: red, orange, gold
  • Love: rose, fuchsia, silver
  • Water: azure, electric cyan, silver
  • Air: holographic silver

Flow-wand® Tape Colors

  • Classic:

    The original flow-wand® with rainbow holographic silver sheen that bursts into slivers of rainbow when hit by a light source. Amazing in sunlight.
  • Silver sparkle:

    Covered in tiny rainbow hoops that sparkle in any light!
  • Firefly:

    Beautiful green and gold sheen that switches between the 2 colors depending on the angle that you view it, plus it's UV active!
  • Arctic glow:

    This special glow-in-the-dark tape features a beautiful ice-crackle and white iridescent finish
  • Candy crush:

    Limited edition! Encrusted in a rainbow of tiny rhinestones and underlaid with iridescent UV-reactive green-gold firefly tape, this "candy crush" wand will give you a sugar rush! It's also slightly heavier than typical wands.
  • Diamonds:

    Limited edition! A delightfully magical flow-wand has arrived just in time to bestow dazzling rhinestone "diamonds" upon your lucky li'l ones! Slightly heavier than typical wands.

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