swiveled double finger loop

swiveled double finger loop

The swivelled double finger loop is designed for heavier wands, enabling you to enjoy all the features of a swivelled finger loop while spreading the weight over 2 fingers. The swivel revolutionized short string wand manipulation by enabling us to flow without worrying about our string twisting up. 

Comes with a spare string pack with 18 feet of super durable stealth string.

Sold individually.

What You'll Get

The swivelled finger loop is key feature for short string wand usability and performance, as the swivel enables you to move freely without having to account for the string twisting up. For the swivel finger loop, we use a custom made tubular webbing carefully looped through itself and melted in to a custom swivel. 

Comes with a swivelled double finger loop and a spare string pack with 18 ft of super durable ice-fishing line.

Features & Tech Specs

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