The Story of the Martial Flowdart

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Martial Flowdart

We had been offering LED darts based on parts used for other props for many years, using flowcord for dart leash, crystal case or pod shells for a dart head. They were not ideal rope darts, but offered flow artists a fun LED dart option.

As rope dart became more of a serious flow art prop, with more practitioners using actual dart techniques, we felt we needed to level up our dart offering. Enter Frank Hatsis of the Rope Dart Academy.

Frank trained and competed with Rope Dart for 12+ years, and is an International Gold Medalist. He was interested in working with us to improve and co-develop an LED dart that would handle like a real rope dart. Frank proposed a lot of changes and together we developed a pretty darn awesome LED rope dart - the martial flow dart. After helping us develop the dart, Frank came to stay at the flowspace and teach a series of dart workshops. We became good friends, and actively support each other. We also carry the high quality silk darts that the Rope Dart Academy makes.